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      SEPCOIII wins the contract of Egypt Luxor IPP Project

      2020-11-25 14:21:40

      On November 24, ACWA Power and SEPCOIII signed the EPC contract for Egypt Luxor IPP Project.

      Luxor Project adopts 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 combined cycle technology with a total installed capacity of 2389 MW, and the main fuel is natural gas while the backup fuel is diesel oil. The project shall provide efficient power to south-central Egypt and meet future power growth needs in the Luxor region of Egypt. This is SEPCOIII's third power station in Egypt market.

      Successful signing of Luxor Project that clearly shows the powerful strength and advantages for competitiveness of SEPCOIII, and further expanded SEPCOIII’s brand influence in Egypt and even the entire Middle East and Africa region as well, and continued to strengthen SEPCOIII’s position as leading international EPC market in the power sector.

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