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      SEPCOIII’s 4 projects win the Asian Power Awards

      2020-12-2 17:14:59

      Recently, Asian Power Magazine issued the list of Asian Power Awards 2020. SEPCOIII’s 4 projects win this award that all constructed in EPC mode. It includes that Myanmar Kyaukse 145MW Fast Track Gas Fired Power Project wins the Gold Awards of Fast-Track Power Plant and Natural Gas-Fired Power Project, Rizhao Kaidi 1×30MW Biomass Cogeneration Project wins the Gold Award of Biomass Power Project and Oman Ibri & Sohar IPP Projects wins the Bronze Award of Gas Power Project.

      Asian Power Award is organized by Asian Power Magazine from 2005. It aims to evaluate the contribution of projects to the development of Asian power field comprehensively. The 4 projects contracted by SEPCOIII won the "2020 Asian Power Award", which is not only the commendation for the power station project, but also the full affirmation of the company's technical advantage, engineering ability and strong strength in the power industry.

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