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      SEPCOIII wins the new contract of domestic project

      2021-1-8 10:21:38

      On January 5, SEPCOIII won the EPC project of Xiaying Heat Source Center of Changyi Jinsheng Environmental Protection Energy Co. LTD. The project won a "good start" in market developmentin 2021 and offering a "gift" for the company’s success in the New Year.

      The installed capacity of this period is 4×480t/h high temperature and high pressure circulating fluidized bed boiler+3×CB50MW steam turbine +3×50MW generator and related ancillary systemfacilities, and the planned long-term total scale was 5 furnaces and 4 machines.

      The project was in response to national environmental protection policy and development of city of cogeneration, will accord the principle of "harmless, reduction and recycling", to provide steam for enterprises in the park. The heat supply network of the park shall be constructed simultaneously and long-term residents’ heat supply shall be taken into consideration to provide clean, reliable and efficient heat source for Xiaying Chemical Industrial Park and surrounding residents. After the completion of the project, it would greatly improve local heating capacity and comprehensive heating efficiency, effectively reduce air pollution, improve regional environmental quality, improve comprehensive energy utilization rate, and play a strong role in promoting related enterprises to further improve economic benefits.

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