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      SEPCOIII wins the contract of Qingdao Baifa Seawater Desalination Project successfully

      2021-2-10 14:32:35

      On February 8, SEPCOIII won the construction contract of Qingdao Baifa seawater desalination project successfully, and marking the company in the domestic seawater desalination market to achieve a new breakthrough.

      This project with a total investment of about 707 million, designed daily desalination seawater of 100,000 cubic meters and using the international leading double membrane process. The company is mainly responsible for the project installation and commissioning tasks. After completion, the daily capacity of this project will reach 200,000 cubic meters to become the largest membrane desalination project in China and the largest municipal water supply demonstration project in China. The construction of the project will further improve the large water supply system of Qingdao, realize the full utilization of conventional water and desalinated seawater and form a new pattern of high-quality water supply with multiple water sources, further improve the water supply security capacity of Qingdao, and further improve the drinking water quality of Qingdao residents.

      As a famous brand in the international power station and desalination EPC market and the world’s largest desalination EPC general contractor, SEPCOIII has the core competitive advantage in the field of overseas desalination EPC. The signing of this project marks the company's new breakthrough and entry into a new chapter in the domestic seawater desalination market, and further expands the company's influence in the domestic seawater desalination field, and consolidates the company's leading position in the global seawater desalination EPC general contractor.

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